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Why hire Chef Harvey Cross?

Here is what customers have said...

  • December 2022
  •     Roger Schacht
  • We had the pleasure of having Harvey cook our 2022 Christmas Dinner for a party of 10.  The meal consisted of four appetizers, a salad and a main course.  We opted to make our own desserts. 

  • Harvey showed up at the designated time, not withstanding the snow storm we had, and was completely prepared for the preparation of the dishes.  Our four appetizers were each delicious, with the smoked salmon cakes being particularly notable.  The Chef’s signature salad as a starter for the main meal was also delicious and well received.  The star of the show was the prime rib and accompanying sides, earning rave reviews all around.

  • After the meal, the kitchen was clean and dishes in the dishwasher by the time he left. 

  • We found both Harvey and Mary Beth to be personable and loved having them in our house.  Having Harvey prepare the meal allowed us time together as a family for the first time in three years and removed the stress of meal preparation.  The experience was well worth it and we look forward to having him back again!

  • September 2021
  •    Jeff Woodall
  •  Thank you to both yourself and Mary Beth for making last Saturday evening special. 

  • From the onset, with the variety of the appetizers through all of the other coursers ending with dessert, each and every one of them was delicious. The comments from the guests with regards to the food, ranged from incredible to the best meal that they ever had. Your personal touch to each course and the flavours  produced were spectacular, the homemade sauces you created were incredible. I must note that the St. Andre cheese on the filet was very good, the combined tastes was excellent, as well I cannot say enough about your homemade pumpernickel bread. 

  • This was the first time that any of us (12 people) had the pleasure of the Personal Chef experience and it certainly will not be the last. Everyone was impressed with the food, professionalism and service that you provided.

  •  Thank you again for an incredible evening

  • Jeff

  • August 2021
  •       Carol Hammer
  •     Thank you Harvey for such a delightful evening. The presentation was fabulous, the food delectable and your passion           for cooking was very evident.  Best of all,  you left us all with a food experience we can brag about! 

  •      It was a pleasure to have you in our home. 

  •      From all of us, our many thanks!

  •      Carol and Andre

  • October 2020
    • Heather Buchanan
    • Dear Chef Harvey

    • It was just so exceptional in so many ways. I absolutely loved the ‘personal chef experience’ and so loved seeing my brother surprised and delighted by it as a great way to celebrate something special in these horrid Covid days! While that may have been my favorite part of last evening, the meal was out of this world – best meal by far in I do not know how long! Each course was delicious and so much more enjoyable for the information you provided on how it was prepared;  and of course witnessing your skill and talent in the creation of it all! (I can still taste that red wine reduction, mmmm)

    • Thanks for a fabulous experience.

    • Cheers

    • Heather

  • June 2017
    • Suzanne Salloum
    • Thank you again for such a fabulous dinner!!! It was so great to meet you both!!

    • I know everyone enjoyed their dinner and I thought it was spectacular!! 

    • I found the ice cream in the freezer yesterday at about 9:00 pm and had another serving…so yummy!!

    • Wishing you a wonderful summer!!!

    • Than you again for all your hard work!!! Thank you goodness it is something you love to do!!

    • Suzanne

  • January 2017
    • Johanne Tummon

    • Subject 90th Birthday Party

    • Message We wanted to do something really special for our mother's and grandmother's 90th birthday . A restaurant was too expensive for a family of 9 and too hard to hear for a 90 year old. We found Harvey on line and selected a menu from a very diverse choice of appetizers, salad, soup and entrees. Within a 4 hour window Harvey prepared and served a 3 course meal for 9 people including appetizers. The food was outstanding, the presentation beautifully done and the kitchen left spotless. This really was a special evening for all of us. Thank you so much!

    • Email

    • Sent on: 23 January, 2017

  • May 2016

    • Diana Presse

    • It was a delightful experience to have a delicious meal cooked and served by an informative and cheerful chef and have everything clean up! 10/10

    • Diana Presse`  review of Chef Experiences 

  • May 2014

    • "10/10.  He even left us with two loaves of homemade bread which was amazing and was fantastic with our meals!" - C.Cook's review of Chef Experiences for a customized Personal Chef service; the Chef prepared a selection of meals that could be warmed, as required, at a later date.

  • March 2014

    • "It was wonderful to have guests and not have to worry about the shopping and prep and clean up. The food was excellent." - N. Sebberas review of Chef Experiences ​Highlights of the Chef Experience...

  • March 2013

    • "Excellent food and good company. Not worrying about rushing around preparing everything. 10/10." - K. Gorman's review of Chef Experiences

  • Sept 2012

    • "Everything was wonderful from start to finish. Harvey was very professional, did everything timely and the food was delicious. There were leftovers for lunch the following day and it was great to savour the moment a little longer. Thanks so much!"

    • - A. Heasman's review of Chef Experiences

  • May 2012

    •   "A guest at our dinner for 4 tonight said that Harvey's attitude and service was very nice to experience. The service and the taste and quality of the meal served could not have been better. Looking forward to another meal cooked and served by Harvey. 10/10" - S. Howson's review of Chef Experiences

  • March 2012

    • ​"We enjoyed our time with Chef Harvey, watching him prepare the wonderful food he made for us. He was very relaxed working in our kitchen and having us present asking him questions and talking with him. We were very impressed with the supplies he brought with him to prepare the meal and the pre-meal preparation he had done at his own home, including smoking salmon on his barbecue. All-in-all it was an excellent experience that I am sure we will enjoy again in the future. 9/10" -P. Broughall's review of Chef Experiences

  • January 2012

    • "When Chef Harvey arrived he was informative, and very pleasant. Plate presentation was exceptional and the taste of the food was amazing. Dessert was customized for me to celebrate my birthday. Chef Harvey hand washed my dishes as they are not dishwasher safe. I would highly recommend Chef Harvey. Thanks for the awesome experience. 10/10" - T. Cary's review of Chef Experiences

  • Oct 2011

    • "Chef's cooking was lip smacking delicious. He and Mary Beth were polite, cleaned up the kitchen well and generally were top notch pros." -M. Swaine's review of Chef Experiences

  • Oct 2011

    • ​"Having the best food, fantastic Chef and staff provide my friends (40 people) with an outstanding array of appetizers and excellent service was definitely the highlight. It was truly a memorable experience. My friends were amazed at our Party and I owe Chef Harvey and his staff a great big Thank You! Thank you [Chef Experiences] for arranging for Chef Harvey to attend to my party. My town, Goderich,Ontario, was hit by a devastating F3 Tornado August 21/2010. My goal was to have a party that could lift our spirits: my goal was met! -D. Gable's review of Chef Experiences Ms Gable was the winner of the Ultimate BBQ contest run by Coca-Cola & President's Choice

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