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Dinner Parties

Starting at my minimum of $250 for a dinner for 2, a delicious 3 course dinner party will cost about $90- $100 per person. This will include my homemade bread baked in your oven. Extra courses can be added at an extra cost, as well as upgrading the entrée or dessert. I will bring all the ingredients and equipment to prepare your meal, and serve the meal on your dishes. Wine pairings can be made at your request. I will be available to you and your guests to converse and answer any questions you may have. 

I will arrive at your home with enough time to prepare a pre-determined menu in your kitchen.  I can cook for 2 people to however many your home can ideally handle. An average-sized party would be 4 to 10 people.

Cocktail parties and casual gatherings

Starting at $250 I will tailor a menu for your party and prepare everything in your home. If required I will bring staff to assist me and serve. When we are done remaining food will be secured and  your kitchen will be left clean. Guest limits may apply, as I am a small party caterer.

Cocktail services

-Cold canapés - 1 -2 bite decorated food, held in the fingers, arranged on platters or served from trays.

-Hot hors d’oeuvres - 1-2 bite hot selections served in chaffing dishes or served from trays.

-Cheese boards ­- a selection of cheeses presented on a platter or tray, in bite sized pieces or wedges, with crackers. Prices will reflect the size of the party and cheese selection.

-Fresh fruit and crudité - a variety of ripe and in season bite sized fruit or vegetable, with corresponding dips

-Sandwiches - a variety of open-faced, wraps or wedges on platters.

- Dessert - a variety of house made desserts, presented on a platter.

Personal Chef Service

I will free you the time of preparing your dinner needs for the week or just a couple nights, making your busy family schedule a little more relaxed and leaving you the peace of mind that those most important to you are eating fresh, homemade meals at home. This will allow you to avoid frequenting restaurants and drive- thru`s. After an initial consultation, I will tailor a menu for you and your family. On a pre-determined date and time, I will arrive with all the necessary groceries and my own equipment to prepare the agreed-upon entrees, leaving you a clean kitchen and a fridge full of food with reheat instructions.

Gift Certificates

Starting at $250.

Please feel free to inquire about how you can go about purchasing the one thing that everyone needs.

The perfect gift for that person or people who have all they want.

Birthdays, Christmas, weddings, I have you covered.

Other service options

Please feel free to inquire about any of the service I offer including the ones listed below. I am able and willing to work with you to satisfy any of you culinary needs.

Barbeques & Outdoors Events
Conferences & Banquets


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